Media & Entertainment

With organizations increasing their technology investments to positively impact marketing and sales functions and businesses becoming more demanding, it has become critical for agencies and marketing services providers to not only ensure faster time-to-market, but also enable timely decision support mechanisms.

The shrinking content lifecycle demands rapid monetization. Non-intrusive and programmatic advertising open new revenue streams for media and entertainment enterprises.A digital platform approach to content management and delivery is a catalyst for business enhancement. Media enterprises should offer bespoke advertising platforms that allow advertisers to articulate their brand story.

Media and information services firms need to capitalize on the evolving product distribution channels while maintaining the current revenue streams, reducing costs and increasing flexibility.

How We Can Make The Change –

Spieler IT Solution provides end-to-end content value chain solutions and services for the media and information services industry. From content creation and management to publishing and distribution, we have the capabilities to build, deploy and support the appropriate solutions to meet your needs.

Our M&E practice has a strong talent pool with in-depth expertise in the field of Media and Entertainment and has delivered effective media delivery services to many Media and Entertainment customers.

Improve the visibility of information across functional and corporate lines by linking together disparate systems without developing custom interfaces.

At Spieler , we deliver IT solutions for the entire spectrum of media and entertainment organizations. We help these companies optimize publishing and rights management, editorial workflow and content management, the distribution of motion picture applications and mobile media enable-ment.

  • Advertising

    Our advertising practice understands the challenges faced by agencies in this dynamic environment, which requires streamlining operations and business processes, meeting client demand for better insights and managing brand consistency on multiple digital assets.

    This means using technology solutions that enhance customer loyalty, monetize content to generate more revenue and streamline the media planning process.

  • Collaboration Platforms

    Spieler IT Solution helps our media and entertainment clients simplify operations, gain enhanced business intelligence to help them better understand their consumers; and improve their IT architecture to provide content fluidly 24×7. Our global delivery centers, IT solutions strength, and empathetic approach ensures a mix of cap

  • Reporting and Insights

    The Spieler Media and Entertainment practice helps companies cross over from legacy technology to digital offerings, while rebooting enterprises with new processes and systems.

    Our deep media consulting experience helps media and entertainment companies adapt to the realities of the digital age, breaking new ground to simplify operations, better understand consumers, provide content effectively and capitalize on new opportunities.