Social Responsibility

Spieler works on the People and Planet planks and is engaged in a number of Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives directed at Community Development, Employability Enhancement and Environment Sustenance. Spieler IT Solution has been contributing to local and regional Health ,orphonage and educational instituional.

In Community Development, the Spieler IT Solution focuses on Village Upliftment, Water Conservation projects and Welfare activities for differently-abled & elderly people Hallmark projects in Community Development .Organizing social events for networking, social cause awareness and knowledge-sharing.

Our Goals

  • Empower students in rural Areas -

    Our associates are encouraged to volunteer their time and skills and enjoy the experience of giving back to the communities in which they work. This is in keeping with our philosophy that employees are our biggest change agents not only in the technology marketplace but also in society.

  • Sustainable approach to business -

    We are aware that growth is inextricably linked to the well-being of our ecosystem – employees and business partners, local communities and the environment.We are always ready to design the sustainable framework for an individual or an organization.

  • Making People Aware of Technology for betterment -

    We have seen many people specially in rural areas are not very friendly with emerging technologies.We are here with a mission to solve local problems with use of technology.It’s not only work for us, It’s our Passion !