The Story of Spieler Tecchnologies

Spieler IT Solution

It was our first day in college,we all 8 students (now proud engineers) were sitting on 8 different tables in our canteen.But one thing we had common was how we can help our society using technology. And as the saying goes, people with same nature and thinking attracts each other, this our friendship began.

Rest of our college life was just like the normal engineering students ( submission, late night studies, bunking, partying, long trips) and no sooner our last year came and by God grace we all got placed in some of the best IT companies.

But the bad thing that happened to us was,we all got placed at 8 different companies :(.Somehow we manage to work for a year there).We were happy but not satisfied,we needed a break ! It was 1st March 2015 we all meet at our favorite snack center (Wadeshwar,FC Road,Pune).

We were just thinking what are we actually doing ? Are working towards what we dreamed in our college life? Is the very common man in India using technology to solve his/her day to day life problem ? The conclusion that came after a 4 hours discussion was, let’s start our own,yes let’s start doing it ourselves.

But we were not clear what to do ?then we thought of using the power of internet and reach to every small business out there.

“If your Business Is Not Online,Then Your Business Is Out Of Business ” ~ Bill Gates

Spieler IT Solution

This poster became famous in no time !

And we started designing the website for free and the response we got was tremendous.We were working in our office and at night we were developing the websites for small businesses.It was really a very tough time for all of us to manage all this stuff.

We have to take decision of how we can manage all the things and also work towards our dream.But with friends motivation,our parents support,and eager to serve people left us quitting our job :).

It was not a good decision few of our friends said,but Life=Risk, and we started.But guys founding your own company which has no motto to make money brings many hurdles.Now what problems we face was so many that it will be difficult to tell you in this same article.

The idea was working,but we have to give it a name, give a place on earth,bring more professionalism.For name,it has a funny story behind,our team members Vishal,Onkar,Pritam,Roshan were project partners in the final year engineering project.And they used to call each other players :D,we wanted a name which could be similar to this and we found Spieler (German name for Players)

Now the problem of finding a place,we have already left the job,all the saving was gone,and still so much things to do.Some how we found our workplace in 2 BHK, Pune,India.But no money to pay the rent,deposit and income to feed ourselves.

Thanks to our parents,friends and well wishers to support us and making all these stuff possible.The name is “Spieler IT Solution” (Now Renamed as Spieler Technologies LLP), we a proud 2BHK start up , 8 passionate engineers and so many dreams that are yet to come true 🙂

We have many plans for our future,soon we’ll be launching our product.Also we are open to new projects and looking some funding to keep this running and bring great ideas to life !

Eager to know more about us ? you can visit our official website – , we’ll be happy if you find something to share with us or guide us in anyway. Keep visiting for more updates on Spieler Technologies LLP. Cheers !!

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