Testing & QA

Spieler provides independent Software Testing and Quality Assurance service.We specialize in providing different types of testing like Performance Testing,Mobile Testing, Usability Testing,Funational Testing etc.

Testing services has evolved significantly over the decade with new tools and in automated way. It has become the vital part for every product.We emerge ourselves as your testing partner to devliver complex and time critical project in time and with quality assurance.

  • Testing Consulting

    We provide an independent consulting for every type of testing you thought of going through. A robust test strategy and a suitably aligned roadmap, devised by proficient domain experts play a key role in the journey towards building successful testing practice.

  • Specialized Testing

    Testing of Mobile Applications, Packaged Applications and technology centric test services such as BI / DW, SOA, and others leveraging technology point solutions, frameworks and tailored methodologies and approaches.

  • Managed Testing

    Organizations have technology needs around standardization across domains in terms of testing, of processes, templates and reports. They have testing resource dependencies for application knowledge and testing within domains.

Benifits of Testing

  • Effective business process/performance/predictability management.
  • Certainty and hence, degradation in the quality of service.
  • Throughly optimization in resource utilization and planning.
  • Efficient utilization of technology models/architectures and coupling